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Why Irish Folk Bands Should Use Wholesale Flash Drives to Start a New Trend and Gain Fame?

Flash drives have been initially intended to work for helping people store information, be it text documents, music, or movies, and make it easily accessible on most devices, whether we talk about PCs, laptops, or, more recently, tablets/phablets. In today’s world, seven out of ten people carry a portable USB flash drive in their backpack or handbag, hung to a keychain, or simply in their pockets. But just as t-shirts, caps, CDs or pencils, flesh drive can constitute efficient marketing tools one can use to increase brand awareness and gain more popularity without investing in expensive advertisements published in local newspapers, on TV, on websites, in magazines, or the likes.

With the music industry blossoming into one of the most popular and best-paid industries in the world, many artists and bands are attempting to debut on TVs, video blogs and radios to sign contracts with recording studios and gain fame using customUSB. When attending a concert, many of us might be tempted to buy one of those albums in the $5-$100 price range sold there, especially because they seem so convenient since they all come with our favorite band’s songs, plus their signature if we are lucky enough to get one.

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But what if you received their album stored on a flash drive instead of a CD? That certainly is an interesting point we should stop at, especially if we consider how powerful these small devices are as marketing tools. We live in an era of technology, with advancements being made every day. A few decades ago, we were proudly using our Walkman, ditching them once the first iPods (or iPhones) became available to the public. CDs are gradually fading in popularity, though they are still a common option for those who do not have access to a flash drive.

For those Irish folk bands that want to take their music to the next level, and show the world how enchanting this specific genre can be, having bulk flash drives constitutes a great opportunity to do so in a way that will attract the masses. Given that concerts are usually the best places where a trend can be started and assimilated, using flash drives for storing albums instead of CDs can give fans a pulse. Since they are so small and compact, these devices can be used with any gadget, whether we talk about computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, phablets or even hybrids. Not to mention that many cars are now integrating special USB ports in the main board, where flash drives can be inserted to. No matter how we look at this matter, flash drives are certainly winning more ground over the old-fashioned CDs.

It is probably needless to talk about the capacity of a flash drive as compared to that of a CD. A flash drive can now provide terabytes of memory, while CDs can barely hold up to 750MB. Let’s move on the typical duration of a music album – most will last for longer than 50 minutes, while some can last much shorter. Assuming that a band’s album is lengthier, chances are that a standard CD will hardly hold it – if it does, there will probably be no memory space left on the disc. On the other hand, a flash drive can hold infinitely more memory, allowing bands to include some additional songs or other extras for their fans. Not to mention that flash drives are easier to work with, and they can be frequently used for storing a variety of other files.

The last aspect we will discuss is the customizability of wholesale flash drives for sale. Although they are terribly small, the housing of a flash drive can still be personalized efficiently to convey a great brand message to all fans. As stated by a lot of graphic designers, small, concise designs can be more eye-catching and appealing than large, overly verbose ones, helping one get exactly the effect he wants in a timely fashion. It is true that most Irish folk bands will not be able to include a huge photograph, or the album cover on the flash drives, but this can be easily replaced by a logo, a message, or other graphical elements that remind fans, whether existent or potential, of the band. Even when the flash drive is used on a day-to-day basis for storing other files, the design will remain the same, helping bands gain more recognition in a shorter time.